All photos in this gallery shot and owned by Nick White. Thanks Nick!


Prince Adam v VertVixen


The debuting VertVixen defeated Prince Adam via pin after a hard hitting, action packed match! Adam teased a proposal to his real-life girlfriend, but he then shocked her by giving her a one finger salute. VertVixen will surely make him pay for that one!

House of the Unholy v DOT Mob


Nate Collins defeated Isaiah James via roll up pin. It was back and forth the entire match, but it looked like Isaiah James had it all but wrapped up with Nate Collins in a precarious situation. But out of nowhere Ian Rayn came out and distracted Isaiah James. Perhaps payback for Isaiah attacking him during a video.

6 Person Scramble


Hard-hitting, high-flying, and belly rubs? This match had it all and more, but in the end Will Allday was victorious, pinning Dave Segan.

Hyan (c) v ASF


The action continued with ASF challenging the Sabotage World Champion, Hyan. Hyan's power was on display while the quick and acrobatic ASF dazzled. Hyan was able to secure the victory over ASF.

Baby D v Jordan Len-X


It's well known when an opponent faces anyone in Nasty Co. they face all of Nasty Co. But this time Executive Director Brad Allred had about enough and was not going to let their shenanigans slide. After Dave Segan and Nastico got involved, the ref counted to 3 when Jordan pinned Baby D, but Brad Allred, seeing what happened, reversed the decision. Baby D def. Jordan Len-X via DQ. Baby D challenged Nasty Co. to a tag match, but did not name a tag team partner.

Heather Monroe v Aski


Heather Monroe may have caught Aski off guard with her ability in lucha libre, but the advantage didn't last long as Aski quickly evened up the match with his own expertise. It was so evenly matched that Heather had to resort to a low blow, missed by the ref and management as they were dealing with the aftermath of Baby D and Nasty Co's previous business. Heather Monroe def. Aski via pinball.

Chris Cruz (c) v Erica Torres


Before War of the Genders 4, Chris Cruz was 4-0 in Lucha Brutal. Facing Erica Torres would be no easy task. After one of the hardest-hitting matches of the night, Erica Torres unintentionally struck the referee with the championship belt, at this point management wanted the match to have a conclusion and let it continue, but also was attempting to check on the referee who was down. While Brad's attention was on the ref, Torres took advantage and attacked Cruz with the belt. She pinned Cruz for the three count.

For a brief celebratory moment Erica Torres was the second ever Great State Champion, until ASF came out and cashed in his Golden Ticket opportunity. He said the championship should be with someone who was with Lucha Brutal since day one. ASF took advantage of a weary Torres and defeated her by pinfall, becoming the new Great State Champion.

War of the Genders Fatal 4-Way


After the former 2 time War of the Genders Champion, Shotzi Blackheart,  was forced to vacate the championship, the title was on the line in a fatal 4 way match between Fuego Del Sol, & Alex Gracia, GPA and Kylie Rae. Ultimately Kylie Rae became the new War of the Genders Champion by defeating GPA via submission. 


war of the genders 4

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